GP PI URTI Respiratory Illness Rx

Viral Respiratory Tract Illness

Natural Course:

Expect symptoms up to 7-10 days
Cough up to 3 weeks
No evidence from examination to suggest bacterial infection, so antibiotics will not help, and may cause side effects such as nausea, diarrhoea, thrush or allergic reactions. 

Respiratory Tract Illness Gen Measures:

Fluids - Hot drinks with lemon. Cold air and drinks may aggravate.
Steam inhalations - hot shower
Salt Water gargles
Vaseline or moisturiser to nasal skin
Regular Panadol 4-6 hrly (4 doses per day) - can add Neurofen (take with food) 
Vicks/Eukybear on chest/pillow at night

Specific Mod/Severe Symptoms:

Nightime Cough: Durotus cough syrup (pholcodeine) at night only

Incessant Runny nose / Sneezing : Atrovent nasal spray

Nasal dryness / scabing / bleeding : Fess nasal gel

Sore throat: Cepacol /Cepacaine mouthwash gargle, Difflam lozenges

Sinus congestion / Facial Pain / Fullness / Head cold: 
     Saline sprays eg Fess spray GP PI Saline irrigation Sinus.pdf
     Otrivin /Drixine nasal spray - maximum 3 days  
     If severe, and provided normal BP:  oral decongestants pseudoephedrine/antihistamine combination eg Demazin, Codral, Sudafed

Ear Pain without bact infection: Auralgin Otic

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